Thank you for taking the time to read my etiquette page. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any unanswered questions or concerns. I know this bit is tedious but it benefits us all in the end.

Hygiene: I am always immaculately groomed and expect the same in return. Please do not be offended when I ask you to take a shower. I am always freshly out of the shower prior to us meeting and you will have a luxury, fresh and clean towel hanging ready for you and gents scented and unscented shower gel. I also provide individually wrapped tooth brushes and mouth wash so we can both be super clean before we get dirty!

The cleaner you are...the dirtier I get! I promise you this.  

Sexual Health: I don't offer anything that puts myself or my client's in harms way. I practice safe sex and expect you to follow this also. It is all escorts and client's responsibility to get regularly SDT tested and keep each other safe. Life is risky and short enough! I provide vast and varied Durex condoms which are my preferred choice but if you have a particular preference let me know.

Time: Please call/text me if you are running late or need to cancel. I understand things happen (life is life) but please let me know as soon as possible, I will always do the same although it is a very rare occasion you will find me late for an appointment. As well, please don't be early for incall appointments as I like to always make sure I am perfectly made up to perfection and take huge pride in always being immaculate for you.

Donations: We both want to relax and get the "paperwork" out of the way so please hand this to me within the first few minutes of arriving so we can get on with more exciting things! 

Gifts: I do not and never have expected gifts of any kind but as I am sometimes asked then I will keep it simple. I love flowers or a scented candle but it is never expected. 

You are always welcome to bring a bottle of something you enjoy for us to share together if we are meeting for a longer period of time. My preference is dry white wine or Gin & Tonic. If you let me know your preference I will always do my best to have it chilled and ready for you if you prefer. 

Thank You x