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Added 30th September 2018

Sofia is the full package companion. She is beautiful,she has astonishing curves. In addition, she knows how to unlock your full sexual potential. Most importantly , she is humble, very well mannered and has a great sense of humour. She is the top tourist attraction in London, so don't miss her.


Added 11th September 2018

If there's one thing a man should have on his bucket list its to meet with Sofia. I was truly captivated by her charm, humour and sorry but that body. That body was designed to make grown men weep and her scent was as intoxicating as her smooth tanned skin. Since my divorce I have not exactly been a saint but sex with Sofia is an intense experience  or maybe we just hit it off but if you want a real woman with a real mind with brains and beauty you would be a fool. We were at it for hours and she was very much involved and knows how to get the most out of her and myself and christ so she did! Sofia please have dinner with me and let me look at you one more time. I will be a gentleman, I promise? I will let you bring your little dog? 

Northern Gent 

Added 12th April 2018

I'd been a long time admirer of Sofia and finally booked some time with her, and I'm delighted I did. She is beautiful, elegant, sexy and most of all just a lovely women. 

The conversation was relaxed, her apartment is nice and the sex was wonderful. She has a gorgeous, soft, curvy body and is very talented with her hands and mouth. 

I will definitely try and see Sofia again, and a Duo with her is on my 'to do' list. 


Added on November 7, 2017

Sofia is great company, sweet and so kind. I was incredibly nervous to meet her and wasn't so sure how we would get on but it was like meeting an old flame. This girl knows what to do and how to do it. I am great example of that. I went back a 2nd time on my stay to visit her and now planning my return in the new year. What a pleasurable experience. My god!


Added on October 3, 2017

Wow is all I can say about this woman. From the initial contact to our first meeting on the day of the appointment , Sofia was professional , caring and sensual. Sofia has an open personality and gentle soul. Being with Sofia was like a voyage of discovery , for me it was not just about the sex but companionship as well and Sofia makes a great conversationalist, this enabled me to relax and create a connection that would make my adventure all the more enjoyable. When it came to the sex, Sofia is a Goddess of seduction , with a devilish side. She really knew what makes me tick and was able to go at a pace that suited me. Sofia has all the curves in the right places and her eyes are mesmerising , she never once took her eyes off me and drew me in with those beautiful dark eyes. I will be back ! J X


Mr Kinky

Added July 25, 2017

Sofia is beautiful, with a delightful, easy-to-get-on-with personality, and a jaw-droppingly awesome body

Now then, you gotta remember every session is a unique experience between masseuse and client, so I can only relay what happened at MY session with Sofia (although I DO hope yours will be as good!) - basically, Sofia had me spunking up my body in spurt after spurt after spurt - which was pretty damn awesome, as I watched in disbelief as my bodily fluids kept pumping out of me. But, then, amazingly, for me at least, lol, I just stayed hard - really hard - so Sofia kept on wanking me - I felt as if I might quickly cum again but no such luck, unfortunately - but it was an amazing feeling. And my erection didn't subside AT all – in fact not until after Sofia and I had ‘marvelled’ at it for a little while, lol, and I'd finished my shower – I kid you NOT! :))
So, how'd we get to this point?

Well, this was primarily an oiled-up 'proper' Swedish massage, with some B2B body slides thrown in, culminating in that beyond-‘happy ending’ – but it was MUCH more than that.   

So, Sofia gets me naked, she peels off her figure-hugging ‘cocktail’ dress to reveal her awesome body, and my cock is instantly erect – or ‘happy’, as Sofia so sweetly put it. Then her panties come off, leaving Sofia in just her heels, whilst throwing some provocative poses for me!

Then I’m on my front on the bed, oiled up and treated to a slow and sensual, full-body, Swedish massage that really irons out my knots, with some delicious B2B slides thrown in and a bit of perineum squeezing.

Then I turn over for more of the same – massage and B2B.
Anyway, dunno what actually happens physiologically but, THROUGHOUT this, I am absolutely stonking hard – I guess all the kneading and pressure-point working is stimulating my groin nerves like crazy leading, as I’ve mentioned, to that amazing, prolonged climax, as Sofia tantalisingly massaged my frenulum (that really sensitive, bell-end underside bit of your cock).

So, as I say, a truly amazing massage experience with a truly amazing, and incredibly lovely lady – will have to do this again, but will book longer next time.


Added July 7th, 2017

I have wanted to see Sofia for the best part of 3 years. But due to my work and general lifestyle of globetrotting, this has never happened until today.

I surprisingly found myself a tad nervous at the start of the meet but must stress that this has nothing to do with Sofia, and rather more on the fact that I've taken this long to see her, and for someone that has been doing this for just under 7 years, saying that I'm nervous does speak volumes. Anyways, Sofia managed to get me to relax very seamlessly and we both agreed in sync that the London summer heat shining on my opaque but also glowing shirt :P should justify a shower before we started.

We started off with a passionate kiss, and honestly, she has by far one of the most kissable lips EVER. I won't go into too much details with the rest of the meet because 1) I try not to be too graphic nowadays and 2) You need to meet Sofia for yourself to find out what she is like yourself but in my opinion, you will not be disappointed.

Sofia is definitely no clock-watcher as towards the end of the session, we did overrun longer than anticipated. She's actually a fantastic conversationalist and I was discussing a few things about my somewhat 'unusual' lifestyle, and she met it with great ease and response.

It's been said before and it'll be said again, but for me 'I wish I had made a   
much longer booking!' After doing this for as long as I have, I have only seen 2 or 3 escorts more than once, and honestly, as of right now, plan to see Sofia again before I go gallivanting again.

I have many, many ideas from innocuous to very kinky for next time but it'll have to be a much longer booking to be able to carry some of these things out. Maybe even get a dance in? ;)

Thank you Sofia - we WILL meet again, it's just a question of when.


Added on October 19, 2016

I'm a philanderer and unashamedly so. I'll like women of all shapes, colors or ages. For that reason I have seen a fair few escorts.
I like meeting somebody new: every woman is a new experience and a source of fun. Sofia however is the one I keep going back to. I have been visiting her for some time always with the same pleasure.
I will never tire of her. Her fantastic voluptuous and toned body with such delightful curves to explore. She is very feminine, sexy and classy. She knows how to use her extensive wardrobe to the best effect and I'm not only talking about her lingerie collection (ask for the pineapple dress).
I felt extremely proud when other men looked at her with envy during diner dates. Her smile, sense of humour and fantastic attitude. She is flirty and charming making me feel welcome every single time. She is has Lady of great education too making conversation easy and exciting. Sofia and I have explored many sort of fun overtime. We had many sensual one on ones enjoying each other's company in different fashions.
We also had highly intensive threesomes with her friends with few rules applying. Sofia seemed not only at ease with any of my fantasies and requests but she encouraged me to explore further too. And I suspect she took a lot of pleasure in the process to. She is a class act I can only recommend. XX Sofia, With many happy memories from your favourite French man. See you soon

Mr Spartan August 29th 2016

Flat only 5 minutes from Bayswater tube, extremely clear directions given by Sofia, felt very safe and secure well kept flat good sized bed in bedroom, decent sized bathroom.

Sofia is exactly as pics suggest, 5'3" busty naturals curves in all the right places, some may say a large bum but i had no issues there, plenty to spank and grab hold of in doggy. Lovely smile and the wickedest darkest eyes with a very naughty glint behind them.

Booked Sofia for an hour but wished i had booked longer. Got to Sofia's flat she opened the door in this figure hugging yet somewhat revealing black dress which showed off her curves, offered a drink and a much needed shower, had travelled on tube on one of the hottest days of the year.

After the shower we spent a few minutes chatting, Sofia wanting to know what turned me on, finding out exactly what we were going to get up to which is a very nice touch.

Started with her on her knees giving some lovely slow head, think she would be ok with a little facefucking and head holding but for now her slow teasing technique was doing the job.

Onto the bed where i went down on her whilst looking up between her legs and watching those beautiful breasts rise and fall with every gasp and sigh, she demanded i make her cum and held my head down with both hands, resulting in her pussy tightening round my tongue and a series of whimpers, hmm job done.

Went on to missionary and doggy which was really good, Sofia has a tight pussy which really grips you're cock even tho she was soaking wet, we then tried to make her squirt with my fingers and she used a large vibe on her clit.
I could feel the wetness as my fingers sought out her G spot and she was sooo close to squirting and although she came noisily i couldn't quite get her over the edge.

Finished with her sucking me off and swallowing a surprisingly large load, mmmm gotta love a swallower.

Mr Chris August 27th 2016

Sofia was my first experience with an escort. She is completely professional on the phone for booking. Her flat was easy to find, immaculately presented and spotless. 

When she opened the door my mind was blown, Sofia is absolutely stunning and immediately put me at ease, took my jacket and offered drinks straight away and just chatted to get me to relax as I was obviously nervous. Talk to her for 5 minutes and you start to realise how intelligent she is and also how cheeky she can be. She isn't afraid to have jokes made of her and once she learns a bit about you will make just as many jokes about you. 

She gives a wonderful gf experience, dinner was fantastic with her as a companion. My nerves got the better of me however she just kept the atmosphere in the bedroom relaxed until I was completely comfortable. She is the most flexible woman I have ever met. Seeing her do the splits is a memory that I hope will never leave me. Loved every second of my night with her.

Mr J

Added on July 10, 2016

Well where do I start! Very professional and friendly before we met, and then the door opened by a Latin beauty with a lovely smile and sexy curvy body... after a very comfortable chat and shower, a beautiful woman awaited in sexy flimsies which showed off her best assests. 

Great ass and breasts and stroking, a little kissing and wonderful oral and full sex....then more chat and we ended up going 45 minutes overtime! 

Really lovely person who I would definitely recommend. The 2 hours turned nearly into 3 and flew by...couldn't recommend more! Sofia deserves respect and was well worth the 

time and investment....won't be in London again for a while but will try to meet up again when I do. Thank you Sofia xxx

Please feel free to submit a review of me via email and I can add to my site. Sofia x